Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Tip

I'm going to try to post my tips on Fridays since I'm assuming that most of the readers here have the most time for these pursuits on weekends. Hopefully these ideas and tips will provide some fun things to practice or think about! Since I'm working on the molding tutorial right now, I thought I'd post a quick tip from that series.

When casting in rubber, your nemeses are air bubbles! They weaken rubber molds causing them to deteriorate quickly and they produce unsightly pin holes and extra bumps on castings. To help battle air bubbles, begin casting projects by applying one thin layer of rubber at a time and use an air compressor to blow the surface bubbles out. In the photo above, I am using an airbrush hose (sans airbrush) attached to a small air compressor. Be sure to blow air into all crevices and be very thorough. Once you are done, set the project aside for a half an hour or so, and then come back to blow out any air bubbles you may have missed. Don't forget to blow on the little drip spots since they often harbor bubbles! Once the first layer is cured, repeat several times to develop a bubble free skin around the sculpture. When the sculpture has a good coating of rubber, the remainder of the rubber can be poured on with no worries about air bubbles.

Remember, if you have an idea for a future tip, please do post it to the tip request post below! You can also email tip requests to me at There have been a lot of responses here and on the Model Horse Blab for the collaborative sculpture project. Thank you! These polls close on Saturday so if you have not voted yet, pick your choices on the right! The next group of polls for breed, position and gender will go up shortly after these close.


Carol H. said...

This is a great idea to post tips, thanks for sharing with us!

One thing I would love to know is what type of brushes you use when painting, both for body application and detailing.

Mel Miller said...

Great idea Carol, thanks! I'll try to make that next week's tip. :-D

Tracy said...


Mel Miller said...

Ha ha, ew. I'll never look at rubber the same way again!