Saturday, November 24, 2007

You design the sculpture

Just one more post for today, I promise. ;) This is a project I've been dreaming of and pondering for the last few years, and I always wondered how it would turn out. Now seems like a good a time as any to see, especially with mostly indoor weather in the coming months! So, without any further ado, introducing the "Collaborative Sculpture Project."

The way this project will run: Frequent updates will be posted to the blog for comments, critiques, and idea gathering. While I will have the final say in the ultimate direction of the piece, it is you who will make most of the decisions! Information will be gathered through polls and posts here and occasionally on other sites like the Model Horse Blab as well. To kick this project off, please vote in the polls to the right to determine size and breed type. Once those two are determined, new polls will be put up for breed specifics and position! I expect to have some fun with this project, and I hope you will too!

This is my first try with polls in Blogger, so if you have any problems, please let me know and I'll look into it. You may vote for any number of choices you like, and the option with the most votes is what I'll get started on. If you have specific remarks or other comments, reply to this post. Stay tuned!

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