Sunday, December 2, 2007

Moving On!

The first round of voting is over for the collaborative sculpture project - thanks to all who voted! Both here and on Blab the breed type vote selected pony type, so that is the clear winner. The scale vote was nose and nose, and it looks like Traditional come out on top with Classic a very close second. This turns out to be quite fortunate, since the sculpture can be a Traditional scale pony, but will actually be closer to Classic size for that nice shelf fit!

The armature has been started, but now I need to know where to take it! So please, vote in the breed, gender and pose option polls to the right. As with the last polls, you may vote for as many choices within each category as you wish, and the winning options will be applied to the sculpture. I tried to present a wide range, but there are of course many other pony breeds than those listed in the poll, so if your favorite option is not represented, please select other and post with your choice. I will keep a tally of write-in votes as well! If you'd like to elaborate on your vote or have a specific reference in mind, please feel free to comment!


Shelby said...

First off, I really like your polls for a sculpture, VERY creative.

Anyway, this may sound weird, but what do you use to gloss the eyes/hooves?

Mel Miller said...

Thank you Shelby! As for glossing the eyes, etc, that's not a weird question at all! The short answer is Liquitex varnish. I'll put that idea in with the tip suggestions, and will write a more in depth post about it soon. :-)