Monday, December 10, 2007

They all start pretty weird

Here's a little look at what happens in the "ugly stages" behind the scenes. This Lonestar is going to be a portrait of a very light varnish appaloosa. Even though he's light he still has a ton of roaning all over, so this basecoat, done in acrylics, is the starting point. Next up for "Curly" is a lot of pencil work, with layers of powdered pigment in between to soften and even out the coat.

This Mindy resin is slated to be a black sabino, but as you can see, there's not a speck of black on her. This is pthalo blue powdered pigment, and it is an intense deep blue that burnishes with a nice purple shine. Ultimately some black will be used on her, but her "black" coat will mostly be very dark shaded blues and purples.


Carol H. said...

Cool in-progress shots! The blue on the Mindy is interesting, it would be really neat to see the changes these pieces go through.

Mel Miller said...

Hi Carol! The Mindy got dark super-fast, so I don't think photos would illuminate that process much! I will have more to share of these two pretty soon though. :-)