Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Trotting Onwards

With the results of the poll that closed on Saturday, I began roughing out the trotting POA mare (gee, I think she needs a name now!). I don't think it was a terribly big surprise for anyone that the votes were overwhelmingly in favor of a multi-performance suitable sculpture, but it was still an interesting and informative poll to run. So taking into account the performance requirements and other requests, this is what she looks like so far! Obviously there is much to do to fix little problems before work on muscling can begin, and I think perhaps she could use a little less pony-ness and a little more stock-ness to really bring her in line with the breed type. Feel free to discuss! The trot is versatile and can reasonably pass for english or western - a little slow for english, and possibly a little "active" for western pleasure, but as a children's pony, this seems quite appropriate! :-D One thing to consider is that this particular pose will require a base or acrylic rod supports. So, what do you think? The new poll is posted on the right!

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