Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Tip

Just a quickie tip for today since I'm a sickie just like everyone else it seems! If you use spray primer for prepping, invest in a trigger handle. It really is some of the best money you'll ever spend, especially if you do a lot of spraying. The sprayer will always get depressed just right, no more paint on your spray finger, AND you won't have to deal with perma-claw hand and pain on those heavy spray days!


Daphne said...

This is ingenius. Do you just get something like this at any hardware store? The weather's getting close to the point that I'll do more spraying soon, and I've been dreading it, but this will certainly help that!

Kristi S. said...

Also, if you keep a can gun on your primer, but not on your sealer, you won't have to worry about accidentally spraying primer on a finished horse instead of sealer. Did that once, and once was definitely enough. (Yes, actually *reading* the can would have helped too, but you know how that goes sometimes!)

Hope you feel better soon!

Becky Turner said...

wow good idea, does this help any with keeping the nozzel tip unclogged?
just wanted to tell you I love your tips! Id do this too but I dont know if I could think up a tip every week! maybe Ill try doing a sculpting kinda tip or something.
I really need to post at my blog more will be posting soon though Im going to be putting up pics of some of my paint jobs and remakes that just won at an az show.. anyways. keep up the good work! love reading your blog..
Oh.... and your horse is a doll.. we have a bunch of morgans here too and 2 are in their 20's and are half brothers( same sires and dams were sisters). one has really bad founder and right now is laying down in his loafing shed..he has another abscess in his hoof.. the poor guy..I just feel so sorry for him.. I guess I have a lot of empathy for him.... Rick is going to put a pad on his bad foot to see if it helps some and the other old guy has some founder but very little rotation so he does really well. he has special shoes on and that really help.. good thing my aunts other half is one of the best horse podiatrists/shoers on the west coast!
Rebecca Tunrer

Mel Miller said...

Daphne, yep, you can pick one up at any old hardware store. Possibly even Target!

Kristi, what great thinking! I use DullCote now so the cans are pretty hard to mistake for each other (LOL), but this would definitely be handy for people using larger cans of sealer!

Becky, I haven't had any problems with clogged nozzles, so I don't know if the trigger would help with that or not. When I'm done I always turn my can upside down and spray until the paint stops coming out which does the trick! :-)