Monday, February 25, 2008

Just me and my horse

I'm taking a photoshop class right now and one of our assignments was to go out and take a self portrait. No portrait of me would be complete without the horse I've had for half my life (and nearly half of his coincidentally). So I set up my tripod, put my camera on timer mode and set about wrangling Chinny for the photo-op. We did have one little incident where he made a pretty good attempt to go find better grass, but for the most part he's good about being loose out in the open and even taking direction. I'm so pleased to have a nice new sort of photo with him. He is in front of my lenses a lot, so it's rare to get anything new and interesting anymore. Anyway, enjoy! I am working on the thumbnails for the new gallery right now, so expect to see it back up shortly!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that pic!!!


Mel Miller said...

Thank you Sarah! :-D