Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Tip

Greetings! For this week's Friday Tip, I have a short demo showing how to get the best point on your colored pencils. First, you of course need to start out with a sharpened pencil. I prefer to use a good electric sharpener since I have too many breakage problems with the hand operated kind. Once the pencil is sharpened, you can use sandpaper (220 grit is used in the video) to keep the tips sharp without having to keep using the sharpener.

The method is simple - draw the pencil across the sandpaper, and twirl it as you go to create a nice even, sharp tip. Hold the pencil at a low angle for a very tapered end. After a while you'll need to hold the pencil at a steeper angle to get an acceptable point. Once you can no longer get a nice tapered point, it's time to go back to the electric sharpener.

Another great benefit to using sandpaper for sharpening is that it roughs up the pencil a bit. That allows for better application of pigment, so you don't have to continually go over areas for coverage. And that's it! Simple!

Remember, the sale ends next Friday! For details, see the previous post in this blog. :-D

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Vicky said...

caught pumpkin?
Vicky Norris!

Mel Miller said...

You are a sharp one Vicky! The pumpkin is yours. :-D