Monday, March 3, 2008

A Little Peek

I've actually had this mare in progress for quite some time now but haven't touched her in months and months. In fact, I think the last time she may have even been out of her box was during the Artisan's Gallery last year. As I was editing photos for the new gallery, I thought I'd get a quick preview image of her done for show and tell. She is a galloping stock horse mare, no breed in particular. She's in such a difficult position that I'm honestly not sure I'll be able to successfully cast her, at least on my own. I really love these sorts of dynamic poses, so I do hope it works out. I haven't forgotten about the pony project! I was bulking that one up some more a week ago, but there isn't much of note to post about on her. I'll get back to her in earnest as soon as I can! Probably shortly after the work on Curly is done.


Carolijn Wils said...

Ooh Mel, that's an amazing pose! It looks soo accurate and dynamic! Can't wait to see how she develops :)

Mel Miller said...

Thank you Carolijn! I love the dynamic poses best, so this girl is really exciting for me. I'm glad you like her too! :-)