Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Curly Progress!

Curly has been a slow process involving quite a lot of thinking and planning. Sometimes horses work better if you just charge headlong into the project, and some, like this guy require a slower, more thoughtful approach. I had originally expected to finish him completely in powdered pigment, pencil and acrylic. I had wanted to do him in that media because doing a very subtly detailed varnish in oils is so difficult, and I also knew I had a track record of producing just the right thing in pencils. Oils can be a little more fickle! Unfortunately nothing I was able to mix up matched the real Curly's color just right. I knew I could get the color match perfect in oils though, so I girded my loins and got started!

I wound up buying some new brushes for the task, hoping I could get results as consistent as the pencil technique, and boy do they work well! They are the #2 white nylon scrubbers from Dan Smith. They work a lot like hogs bristle brushes, but don't shed! Thank goodness! And they're cheap too. :-D I like them so much, I'm going to go get some more to finish the job. It's always great to have extras around so I don't have to continually try to clean out brushes as they get more and more loaded with paint (and therefore less effective at crisp, non muddy detail).

So here is Curly now. At this stage, I've done one layer of oils on his lower legs and head. He'll need another layer there for mottling, to pick out some things and finish shading, and then he'll probably get one coat of paint on his body. I am trying to keep the oils to a minimum to let all the detail work of the pencils peek through as a nice hair texture. You can click on the pic of Curly's head to see a larger version!

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