Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Tip

This Friday will start off a month long series of tips on painting eyes. Eyewhites can be tricky and cause problems for a lot of people. One thing that will make your task infinitely easier is to paint the eyewhite first, and the rest of the eye on top. Painting the white first allows for more precision which is so important in eyes, it creates a nice base on which to paint the iris, etc., and is better suited to layered effects (which we'll get to next week). Below is a quick demo video that shows how easy it is to get sharp, crisp edges to your eyes with minimal fuss.


Carol H. said...

Great tip, Mel, and I loved the way you wrote the comments on the video while you worked, that made me chuckle.

Hey, I have another idea for a tip: maybe you can write a little bit about how you get the white color on your pieces to not be a bright white. They always have a very natural look, and I know I've found it difficult to paint a natural white (like on a blanket appy or pinto) color without it looking too yellow. For instance, do you add a tiny bit of body color into the white to tone it down?

Mel Miller said...

:-D I had fun with the video comments Carol. Glad they gave you a chuckle. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely put it in my list of ideas. You're a gem!