Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday Tip

Happy 4th of July! Today's eye tip deals with achieving a realistic look to the sclera (eyewhite). Most of the comments are in the video itself, so I will just quickly recap and add a couple extra tidbits here:

  • The eyewhite should be a creamy white color instead of stark white. Soft white works really well for most eyes. Unbleached titanium is also a good color for slightly darker eyes. (Both are Liquitex acrylics.)
  • Before painting on the black iris base as shown last week, paint in some delicate veining. You can start with burnt sienna, and modify it as needed to suit the eye color.
  • When dry, paint the black iris base on.
  • When dry, add a color bleed if desired. Thin the paint to a watery consistency and allow it to run onto the sclera. Repeat until you achieve the desired darkness. Splotchyness is good - don't try to smooth this out or blend it too much.
  • When dry, touch up the iris base again. Next week, tips on painting the iris!

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