Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Tip

Welcome back! This week we are covering the iris. Again, most of the comments are in the video, so I'll just recap and add a few details below. Sorry about some of the longer breaks in this one. There's a lot of switching around of tools and color swatches going on in the background!
  • First, cover the iris with a light colored basecoat. Leave room around the edges for a black rim. Do NOT leave a rim around the whole iris - the eyelids are covering up that rimmed portion. Think of the iris as a brown (or whatever color the eye is) circle nested inside of a black circle.
  • Add in darker shadings on the top portion of the eye to add depth. You can also make stripes and blotches in the lower portion of the eye.
  • Do a bit of shading, and then pop in a quick pupil to check on how the colors are blending and to see how the darker pupil affects the overall color of the eye.
  • Continue with shading until you are happy. Do not worry if you cover up your pupil, it will go back in later. Eyes can be stripey and blotchy so don't overblend. At the same time, try not to make anything in the eye too hard edged.
I should note here that even though I only used one light and dark shade in the demo I'll use however many colors the eye I'm painting needs, and there's always some sort of metallic paint in the mix. Sometimes eyes look great with only 2 or three creatively blended shades, others require a whole palette. This is a very quick mockup as well. (And I have no idea what I'm doing with flatwork! 8-o ) Take your time on eyes. Do very thin washes and let each layer dry before moving on. I will frequently spend an entire day making two eyeballs "just right". You don't HAVE to take that sort of time to get really nice eyes, but do be patient and work in many layers. Eyes are a very important part of how people will feel about a paint job as a whole! Next week, details on the pupil!
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Anonymous said...

I think I might have capture this one Mel! ~Sharon~

Mel Miller said...

You are speedy Sharon! These cuties are yours. I'll be emailing you in a moment. :-D