Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friday Tip

My pre-mixed supplies were getting a little low, so it was officially paint mixing day over here. As a time and paint saver, I fix up batches of my most used colors. A rinsed out Liquitex bottle holds enough for months worth of horses, and the best part is you can squeeze out just enough paint for your project!

I also like to label my bottles not only on top for easy grabbing, but with the actual paint formula on the side. I know these formulas really well so I tend not to put the actual amounts on the label, only the component colors. When it's time to remix, I just squirt paint into the bottle and mix it up. I shake the bottle with an extra lid so that I can compare the fresh color with the old batch which is still in the old lid.

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Sarah Rose said...

Great tip! Thanks Melanie!

Mel Miller said...

My pleasure Sarah! :-D

Melissa Sage said...
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Melissa Sage said... Claimed the pumpkin!

Mel Miller said...

That was fast! You got it Melissa! I'll be emailing you shortly. :-D