Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Tip

Sorry about the silence last week! Things are really busy in the studio right now, and that doesn't leave much time for the internet unfortunately. This week's tip is going to be quick, but it will help tremendously if you are having problems with wire getting in the way in your armatures. When making a bend in wire, do not grasp it with the pliers and turn as shown first in the video. This creates a very loose bend, more like an arc. This is bulky and not very good to use as a base for a nice crisp joint! And it's also not very helpful when it comes to evaluating your measurements. Instead, grasp the wire and use your fingers to flatten the wire against the pliers as shown in the second bend in the video. Ta-da! A nice crisp bend that won't poke out of the clay, and an easy landmark to measure!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,

A question that's somewhat related to this tip: can you recommend a good all-around clay for sculpting? I can't seem to find anything that holds detail well but doesn't dry out in a few hours or days. Since it takes me several weeks to complete a sculpture, it's obviously important to have clay that won't shrink or dry out even when covered! Oven-drying clay seems ideal, but most brands don't hold detail well, and/or shrink while baking.


Mel Miller said...

Hello Kiki! Thanks for the suggestion. I will see what I can work up for you! :-)