Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Experimenting

At the time I posted this fellow last, I thought I might do another coat of oils before doing some pencil work. I decided instead to just jump into the pencil detailing, as it would help with mapping out the color better. So, here he is with some charcoal pencil dappling and roaning around the softer areas. I'm not so sure I like the charcoal pencil, but it got the job done ok. I'll have to see if I can find some that work better and give it another shot before I give them up for my (still favorite) Derwent drawing pencils or try something else. Today I will definitely be doing another layer of oils though, and with the help of the more precisely mapped in colors, it should really start coming together. (I hope!)

And here's another project that is doing a time-share with the mini Nahar. He only has a (really weird looking) basecoat of acrylic on right now, but ultimately he will be a varnish appaloosa. You can't see it in these pictures, but it is roany in kind of a loose way which will help when it comes to adding more precise "hairing" in pencil later. For some reason I always wanted to paint this horse as an appy, but I was afraid to because I just wasn't sure how well that would go over. I was incredibly happy when he was submitted to my painting lottery with this color choice! I'll be using a technique similar to what I did with American Graffiti and will take lots of pictures along the way!


Carol H. said...

Thanks for sharing these works in progress, it's interesting to see how you work! I have tried pastel pencils in the past (one time) and didn't like them much, either, but I may try again. I just like the more creamy feel of a colored pencil, I guess.

It's also interesting to see your approach to the appaloosa, I'm doing one right now that's not really varnish, but has some roany parts to it, and I like comparing our different ways of working.

Mel Miller said...

My pleasure Carol! So far I do prefer colored pencil for the same reason. If the charcoal pencil had laid down more color, I would have been happier with the outcome I think. Live and learn! :-D