Monday, September 29, 2008

Studio Updates

Well, things have been galloping along at a dizzying pace in the studio for the past several weeks and I finally have updated pictures to share! I'm also very pleased that my new line, "Simply CMs" has done very well so far. In essence, Simply CMs are just that; simple customs on good, showable plastic bodies. These offerings may be painted only, or very moderately customized. The first two - a bay tobiano sabino Cleveland Bay and a bay old mold SM ASB - are sold, and I hope to have several more in the coming months. (Click the pictures for their galleries.)

It is my hope that these horses will help to fill some of those big holes in quality in the simple custom divisions, and provide collectors a more budget conscious choice at the same time. I'll be offering these customs on a flat price first come, first served basis and will continue to offer the more time intensive paint jobs on both resins and customized plastics via eBay or Auction Barn as usual.

If you'd like to see all of the current front and center projects, including the upcoming Vixen, Imp and Taboo family click here! I have made some headway on the Nahar grey experiment as well and I think he's turning out just smashing. Here is what he looks like as this point. More work is needed on his head, legs, mane and tail, as well as some minor fiddling on his body. For those following along, I will have an in depth post about the most recent layer soon!

And last but certainly not least, the painstaking process of roaning Deseoso is continuing. This photo shows the next stage of his basecoat. It is still all acrylic, and is now ready for pencil work. (Click for a large version.)


Anonymous said...

Wow, Mel, I just know your "Simply CMs" will be a major hit! You're very right that there's a huge gap in the market: cheap, amateur customs and pricey extreme remakes are in abundance, but there really is very little to choose from in the class of simple, high-quality CMs for discerning, yet not necessarily high-budget collectors.

I'm in awe of that gorgeous Cleveland Bay. What's your technique for creating those crisp, detailed pinto markings? I've experimented with various types of masking and have had some luck with liquid art masking fluid, but it just doesn't produce the kind of edges I'm looking for.

Also, thanks for your responses to my questions about general-purpose clay and hair patterns. I'll look forward to seeing your solutions.

Mel Miller said...

Hi Kiki! Lots of people ask about crisp markings so I'll see what I can work up for that. The simple answer is it's mostly a coloring in the lines sort of deal! I do not use masking techniques. I'll do a video on this one and hopefully that will show what I can't explain. :-)