Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Tip

At long last, the return of the Friday Tip, hooray! There are lots of ways you can display your files while you're painting or sculpting. Laptops are easy. You can display photos through several programs. I like Windows Explorer for the filmstrip feature, and I'll open files in Photoshop as necessary. You can work from photos saved on the laptop or on another computer if you have a network set up. I prefer to use my xBox 360 which is networked into my PC, but it will also display images from a CD or DVD. The following video shows how to navigate around (pardon the lame railing in the way) and display a slide show or manipulate individual pictures.

These are my personal methods and are just the beginning! There are photo frames that play back images from memory cards. I have not used one for painting, but I've seen them in action and they are very neat. There are lots of other options too. Look into what you can do with your technology!

And heads up! I think there might be another pumpkin floating around here somewhere!


Becky Turner said...

hey Mel! thats a cool way to look at refs! I have a mac though.. and do use it but surf thru thumbnails to find what I need ...and I wish! I had a xbox! ..not that I have time to play one but Id find a little time! I love those need for speed race car games! I had a pc ( as opposed to a Mac) and I used to play them on it all the time..I even had the steering wheel and the foot pedals.. I got pretty good at it too!( I still have all the games!) lol pus dont they now have those pads you step on to play a game? so your exercising too or is that another gave box? anyway..I noticed you have a stubbs whistlejacket print by your work area! you know I have sculpted one? I wish Id had that size poster though! I have him in a resin waste casting now.. just need to get time to finish him..he needs a leg reattached and some pin holes filled and a til! lol.. hey if your ever up this way ( stanwood) you should stop by and give me some help with him! I could use a 2nd set of experienced eyes on him..
Rebecca Turner

Mel Miller said...

Hi Becky! Yes, between gaming and work use, that xBox has to work hard! In fact, this is my second one and it's dying right now. (Get a replacement policy on these if you buy one!) Those driving games sound like fun. They do have several different foot pads/controllers for different consoles now, but I don't have any of those. I did know about your Whistlejacket! Good luck with finishing him up. :-)