Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Tip

This week's tip - getting a natural feel to mottling using oils. There is a trick, and it's so easy you're going to want to plant your palm right on your forehead after you've tried it out!

To start, get the horse nearly painted - don't worry about the mottling 'till later. Shade the muzzle grey and leave it plain. Mix up a suitable pink color for your mottling in oil, and paint it on in dots. (You can also do this in acrylic, but be sure to seal the horse first.) Do not worry about the mottling being too dot-like at this point, just keep the paint thin and flat. When the pink is in, go back with your grey muzzle mix (or matched grey acrylic) and paint some more dots to help refine the pink pattern and break it up. Work from photos to get a realistic spotting pattern.

Once that is all dry, you are ready for the trick that blends the stark mottling right into the soft nose. Simply grab a little bit of grey on a soft brush and lightly blend it over all of the pinking. Voila! Instantly toned down and set in mottling. You may need to go back over the top of the wet grey paint with a little bit of pink to bring some parts out more (I did on Curly), or the grey glaze might be just the ticket.

Doing this tip made me realize I never got Curly's gallery up! So, I got that taken care of today as well. You can see him completely finished here.


Rayvin said...

That was an awesome tip Mel! Very mich appreciated! I love the simplicity of it and the fact it looks great!

Becky Turner said...

have you done a tip on doing hooves? Id like to see that... and I use pastels not oils.. Id love to know how you do your oils.. in thin coats? love the mottling tip! good one! how about a tip on doing good bases?
Becky Turner