Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tahtib up for Auction

Tahtib is finally done! His auction is now here and will run until Monday. I just uploaded a full gallery of pics here - enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Tahtib is beautiful, Mel! His coloring is possibly the most intricate and exquisite I've ever seen. I hope he goes to someone who will appreciate him!

A random comment: some of the "how to" pages on your main website seem to be cut off at the bottom, as though you should be able to scroll down further but can't. I'm very intrigued by your articles on sculpting and armature-making, but I can only view part of them!

Erin Corbett said...

To above - HE DID! :-D

I knew I hadn't bought a Mini Nahar yet for a reason - I was waiting for this one, and I just didn't know it yet!

Another one of these for good measure:


Finn and Xoie said...

Congrats erin for winning him! i was so curious who got him. He is really beautiful.
And of course Mel has blown us all away again with her insane talent :)

Mel Miller said...

Thanks so much you guys! :-D Kiki, thanks for letting me know about the pages. I will look into that ASAP and fix it up.