Friday, November 28, 2008


Continuing the avalanche of blog postings today... Here we have the very first painting stage happening on a Miss America resin by Sarah Rose. As you can see by the lack of a mane and tail, she is going to be getting a hair job after painting. I'll kind of be doing her in progress blogging by the seat of my pants more than usual because I haven't officially haired anything in probably 8 years. I've been practicing on some bodies, so I'm pretty sure it'll turn out nice, but it's a little scary! I'm planning on doing her in chestnut tobiano sabino with loads of cat tracks. I do these in a back and forth process which you'll get to see as she progresses.

Funny story - as soon as I got her she pretty much named herself Anthem. I often have music on when I am painting and today when I started her was no exception. No sooner did I put paint brush to resin did the song "Anthem" by Filo & Peri come on. I guess it was meant to be!


eventingpony24 said...

I would love to see a tip on how you go about hairing your models. :D Even if you do say you are no pro - I bet she will turn out fantasticlly!

I would also love a tip on how to blend oils properly.. or whether or not it is best to lay down the colours in seperate layers - and if so, how do you best get these to blend.

ZeldyZeZebra said...

I bet she'll turn out nicely with mohair. :D