Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Tip

When sculpting eyes, it is very helpful to sculpt the lids against a hard object. Beads work great for this task. Not only to they provide a good landmark, but you can sculpt the surrounding structures without marring the eye ball shape. Make sure to pick out an appropriate size as it is very easy to select a bead that is too large or too small. Practice will give you a feel for the size and how far in you need to push the bead. With firmer clays like my Chavant NSP Hard here it is easiest to carve out an eye socket to push the bead into.

If you can't find a good sized bead for your project, you can create your own eyeballs out of epoxy putty. Wait for them to cure, and pop in just like a bead.


Finn and Xoie said...

ok. That was an Amazing tip! I am dabbling with my own little creation and have been worrying endlessly about how I was going to do the eyes. Thank you!!!

Carol H. said...

Wow, I cannot wait to see this one finished, those eyes are so beautiful and softly expressive, I love them!

After seeing this, I wonder what tools you use to detail your eyes?

Becky Turner said...

you know many years ago I always wondered how people sculpted such round eyes.. I was a big fan of boguckis bronzes then ( still am!) and It was one time looking at one of his in progress sculpts in a magazine article that I saw he used beads! I had always loved how he did his eyes and when I realized that I was so thrilled! lol..thats how I finally figured that one out! many years before the internet.. so thats a great post for those of us who didn't know!
Rebecca Turner