Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Tip

"For best results, squeeze tube from bottom."

It works for toothpaste and for paint too! Get the most out of your paint tubes by folding the bottom over as you go. A folded end will also make squeezing paint out easier. It just takes a second each time you use a tube, so get into the habit and it will easily become second nature. Make the folds crisp and as straight as you can. Squeeze the paint to the top of the tube, and continue rolling the end up on itself as you have room. Pliers help to squish any remaining paint up and create a good strong seal preventing paint from getting trapped. You can do it with the cap on or off, but I prefer off. If you leave the cap on, you can build up too much pressure inside the tube, and the next time the cap is removed, paint will come shooting out - a mess and a waste!

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