Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just a Reminder

Through November I'll be continuing to give away medallions, and there's still time to submit tip ideas for a chance to win an unpainted Jasmine resin. Lots of great tip submissions have been coming in, but I can never have too many! For full details, the Jasmine contest post is here.

The pumpkin contest is still cruising along with more to come, so keep your eyes open and be sure to spend some time perusing the old posts. There is getting to be quite a nice library of tips now! Some of the pumpkins are going to be buried pretty deep in the archives and I may or may not announce them when they pop up. I am trying to post them at different times of the day and night to give everyone a chance. And remember, even though there's a limit of one pumpkin per person, there is no limit to entries in the Jasmine contest and you can participate in both!

As for this pumpkin, the first person to post their email in the comments will win a $25.00 gift certificate good for anything, including auction purchases! The coupon does not expire and any unused portion will remain as credit towards any Chinook Studios purchase.


Josie said...

My pumpkin!

Josie Inman

Thanks Mel!

Carol H. said...

I have another idea for tips: what colors do you use for your muzzles/pink areas? How about tips on hooves and hoof color? How to get a nice shell hoof color? What color do you use for the whites of the eyes? What colors do you use for eyes?

Can you tell what areas *I'm* working on when I come up with these questions? ;-)

Braymere Custom Saddlery said...

Here's a couple more tip ideas--I'd love to see one on sculpting and painting chestnuts. Mine always end up looking weird. Also, I've been working on this pinto *forever* and I just can't seem to get the mapping to look subtle and natural. Any advice on that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Mel!

Mel Miller said...

Your pumpkin Josie! I'll email you in a minute. :-D Thanks Carol and Jennifer! Those are perfect ideas. Carol, that's funny - I always have to be working on something to come up with a question or tip about it too.

Becky Turner said...

how about a tip on painting and sculpting hooves..I see so many hooves sculpted incorrectly.. if you need some good hoof diagrams let me know.. remember I love with one of the best horse podiatrist/shoers in the US! dam cant believe i missed the pumpkin again..I didnt know to look in old posts! duh! oh and also post how to shoe them and how many nails go into a hoof! I see lots with way too many! lol
Rebecca Turner