Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Friday Tip - Finally!

At long last! I was pretty much snowed in at my mom's place last week over Christmas. It was all I could do to get out and feed the horses, never mind go home to get any real work done. Things are finally getting back to normal over here and so, better late than later, the awaited Friday Tip.

As you can see, the markings are well filled in. There is still more work to be done on making the white areas completely opaque, but I like to finish that up while I am doing the pinking in the thin skinned areas. The first step in mapping is to finish off all of the edges. I am doing a demo on a little grouping of cat tracks in the video. Paint in the direction of hair flow in little strokes as best you can. This will simulate the edging on patterns much better than tracing around the marking in a circle. Now is the time to put in the itty bitty edging that the larger brushes used for filling in the white can't get to.

Once the edges are nice and crisp and filled in, thin the paint a little and again painting in the direction of hair flow, overlap the white markings. Horses have different amounts of mapping in different areas, and some horses will have more pronounced mapping than others. Look at references to establish how much mapping you want to show. This part doesn't show up very well in the video... sorry. But it is just like painting the edging on, only now you get to color out of the lines. If any areas get too much paint on them, look sloppy, or you just don't like it, use your finger to gently wipe the paint off before it dries. You may have to re-do a spot several times before it is just right, but better to re-do than to have an eyesore.

With the second step complete, you will be left with a faint white border around your markings. You can go over it again to intensify, leave it as is, or do what I usually do and paint tiny hair-like lines in the mapped zones. Keep in mind that this will whiten the mapping up considerably, so start with a faint mapping basecoat for the best results!


Sarah said...

I can't wait to see the finished product :) She's going to be absolutely stunning!!!!

Nikki said...

Wow, so you do the mapping last - I would have never thought of that. Thanks Melanie! You are doing a great job on her and explaining the process - keep up the great work!

Mel Miller said...

Thanks guys! :-D Nikki, yes, the mapping gets done near the end because it's such a fiddly thing, and doesn't take well to getting painted over. It's kind of a one-shot deal!