Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Tip

For this week's Friday Tip, I have another "but that's so EASY!" trick to show you. Blending the pink thin skinned areas on legs can be pretty frustrating and finally when it looks just right you look closer and see bits of slightly uneven shading or little streaks of paint. Don't try to fix the streaks by swiping more paint on - scrub instead! Grab a frayed and fairly firm (but not scratchy) brush and lightly dip the tips in paint. Scrub the excess paint off. (As you can see, I find my arm works best... no lint and it's handy!) Then scrub fairly hard all over the markings - really work that paint in there. In the end, you'll wind up with lighter shading naturally on the high spots and a lovely soft finish.

Now unfortunately this technique isn't a cure-all. It must be done after the markings are fully shaded, and you can't just do it over poor shading or the streaks and unevenness will still show through. This trick is more of a finishing touch that lends more believability to the paint job. It's well worth taking an extra 2 minutes to do!


Eliz said...

I want audio. How is your singing voice?

Mel Miller said...

Ha! Do you have a request? My voice is particularly well suited to 50's Patti Page type songs for some reason.