Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Tip

Last week I mentioned the measuring spoon I use for adding painting medium to oils, and here it is - Winsor & Newton's Blending and Glazing Medium! This stuff works great, and doesn't smell. It is better for the paint than thinner and lends a nice buttery-soft consistency that is delightful to work with.

Since it comes in a bottle with no dripper (like my cobalt drier), I use the measuring spoon which fits neatly inside the neck of the bottle. I grab some medium and drip whatever amount I need into each paint mix. How much to use depends on the paints to be mixed. Some are thicker than others, and sometimes you might simply want a thinner consistency. Start by adding a few drops, mix, and then if the paint is not thin enough add more medium. As usual, when it comes to mixing paints it's best to add in little bits at a time rather than mess up the batch by adding too much at once!

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