Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Tip

Lighting is so important to creating an effective workspace, and a lot of tip requests had to do with this. There aren't any hard and fast rules about what kinds of lights to use, but one key is to use indirect lighting. By aiming your lights at the ceiling or a wall they will bounce back onto your workspace with nice even light that wraps around the model and does not cause any harsh glare.

As you can see in my setup, I use several different kinds of lights, not by design, but it's what I picked up and they work. The halogen lamp on the left is great at throwing out a lot of diffused light (and I wish I could find another). The lamp with the three bulbs can be aimed if necessary (and this is handy when it's time for prepping) but I almost always keep them in the position you see here. The lovely (gack) chandelier holds another 5 bulbs which bounce down a lot of light from the ceiling. Notice also that I paint in a white room. Bouncing lights off of colored walls will affect the color of the light; try to paint only in a white room unless there is no other way. So, in all, it's a pretty simple setup! Just find yourself a bunch of lights and point them up! You'll be enjoying glare free well lit painting in no time.


Christine said...

Thanks for the tips. I cannot watch the videos on dial-up but appreciate the tips you use photos and spell out.

Mel Miller said...

Oh, I wasn't even thinking some people might not be able to watch the videos Christine! I'll make an effort to at least give a re-cap in my future posts with videos. Thanks! :-D