Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Tip

In the comments for the tail sculpting video, these very good questions were posed: "Do you like Epoxy Sculpt or Gapoxio better? And what do you do to make sure its kneaded evenly and thoroughly? Thank you!" Thanks Jane! I prefer Aves Apoxy Sculpt but others prefer Gapoxio or Milliput. It's all a matter of taste. I also sometimes use the FIXIT Sculpt (also from Aves) which holds detail remarkably well - sometimes TOO well! The video shows exactly how I mix, but to recap:
  • Remove two similarly sized pieces of epoxy. (Mine was cold so it took a bit of digging!)
  • Squish them together and then roll into a snake. Fold the snake over on itself and repeat several times. Roll the snake in between your hands, and not on the table. This way anything that might be wobbly on the table won't tip over, water won't slosh out of your cups, and the epoxy won't pick up anything that might be hanging around.
  • There will still be visible lines running through the epoxy from the two different colors, so begin kneading and rolling snakes until it is thoroughly mixed. It takes from 2-3 minutes (depending on temperature and freshness) to completely mix a batch approximately the size of a ping pong ball.


Sian said...

This is helpful! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you don't use latex gloves. I tried it with my bare hands and I think I had more on my hands than in the finished product.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,
Very useful! I favor Fixit Sculpt, but have considered using something else for less-detailed areas (mostly because Fixit ain't cheap!). One question: isn't there some risk of cross-contamination when using the same tool/hand/etc. to scoop out both parts? If there's a little Part A left on your hands when you dip into the Part B container, is it possible to accidentally cure the clay remaining in the container? I'm probably just being paranoid, but it would be really, acutely disappointing (and expensive!) to open a jar of clay and find part of it to be rock hard! I've always used a separate "scooper" for each container.

Mel Miller said...

Hi Kiki! Sorry I took so long on this one... 8-o Anyway, I have never had a problem using the same hand to do the scooping. The top cures on its own a bit anyway just with being exposed to air, so I don't think it really makes a difference.

Anon, ha! Yes, it is sticky stuff. I find sometimes it's best (especially with new stuff) to just let it sit for a bit before working with it.

brambleclaw23 said...

why do u need 2 and wat is the difference i am new to this but i want to try it also where can u get apoxie