Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh my!

So, just a little scary thing for you to look at! This is Tetawken, my NAN donation. Sarah Rose donated the Caldero resin and I'll be turning him into a Cayuse as a nod to the show's Oregon location. You can expect more updates on his progress and a little more about his story soon. As you can see, he has just had his mane and tail removed - a daunting task considering how much of it there was! My poor wrist is in a brace right now, but at least I'm not the one with huge new holes in me. I'm waffling on his color; a roany chestnut frame sabino? a vanish appy? Who knows! If you have any opinion on the matter, feel free to comment!


Laura Dotson-Thomson said...

I don't think I'd EVER be brave enough to do that to my u/p Caldero! BRAVE woman you are!
I see varnish appy with very minimal spotting, but that's me. :D

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I agree that a varnish appy of some kind would be perfect for him. What sort of mane and tail do you plan?

Mel Miller said...

Laura, it is a little scary, eh? Kiki, the mane and tail will be toned down from the original version (less bulk), but will be mostly the same idea. The tail will be swishing though.