Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Tip

Continuing from last week, we're moving on to vertical grain. Take note that what I'm drawing is a little emphasized so you can see it better - it's best to keep details like this subtle! To recap the video:
  • Start with the simple hoof from last week as a basecoat. Using the same color palette, start painting very fine vertical lines. At this stage, I usually go around the whole hoof in one color before moving on to the next since immediate blending isn't required.
  • Make sure the lines are straight from top to bottom, not angled. The lines should all be about the same width, though they can randomly cram together a bit, making some fatter looking lines.
  • Try to avoid the periople as much as possible, but you will be painting back over it so extreme care is not necessary.
  • Once the vertical lines are in, go back over the hoof the other way, re-shading the growth rings to set the vertical grain into the hoof.
  • Repeat the vertical and horizontal lines as much as necessary until the desired look is achieved.
Stay tuned for more hoof details next week!


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You got it! :-D I'll be sending an email in a minute. Happy New Year!