Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Final Color Vote

I still haven't gotten to finishing up the Friday Tip from last week (I'm having some computer problems) but it is on my to-do list. I'll try to post two tips this friday though if it comes to that! Until then, the final color vote for Tetawken is up. His color is down to two choices and the poll ends Friday so I can get to painting him right away! These photos are all just general examples, and the finished paint job is not intended to be a portrait. The thumbnails are provided only as reminders for the choices, and none of these photos are mine - please click on the links to visit each photographers' gallery and to see the full sized photos.

**If you've voted in the final poll on Model Horse Blab already, please do not vote here - I will be tallying the two together.**

Appaloosa 2 Photo by Michelle J.
Features - extended blanket/almost leopard appaloosa, interesting leg and facial markings

Pinto 1 Photo by user sagetopaz
Features - Frame/sabino, interesting combo of roan on the back end and crisper forehand markings


Katie said...

Pinto 1 :)

Michelle said...

I vote for my own picture, #1. :)