Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday Tip

The long awaited Friday Tip has arrived! I'm working on the next one right now too, so there should be no delays tomorrow. Whew! This week covers painting hoof stripes. In the video, I do it over a finished shell hoof, but in reality, I always start painting hoof stripes beginning with the first wash of paint to go on the hoof. It makes blending much easier and more realistic for me, but if you find that the paint gets too muddied up, you might try painting the stripes on after the shell color is done. To recap the video:
  • Hoof stripes occur under dark spots on white legs or sometimes on their own, frequently on chestnuts, and especially on appaloosas where it is a color trait.
  • Paint in a basecoat of dark color (I use a mixture of black, burnt umber and white) straight down the hoof. Make sure the stripe follows the angle of the hoof down and does not veer off track!
  • As with the shell (tan) colored hoof, shade in the periople and match up the growth rings. Instead of using various browns for the rings, I use a dark mixture (metallic copper, burnt umber and black), the basecoat color, straight burnt umber, and a suitable periople color (from the shell hoof palette) muted a bit with the grey basecoat color when necessary.
  • When the base growth rings are in place, add in the vertical grain as before, and go back over with horizontal growth rings to set everything in place.
  • Stripes do not always go down all the way or match up perfectly with spots. Use references to paint from for variations.
Next up, painting the bottoms of hooves!

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