Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Tip

And we're back on schedule! This week's tip is about painting the bottoms of feet. Whether you choose to paint the bottoms of hooves that are flat on the ground or not is up to you. I always do because the work feels more finished to me, and owners like to admire their horses from all angles! But it does not matter for showing, so use your time how you best see fit. I would suggest however that if you elect not to detail the unseen parts, that you at least paint on a few coats of solid hoof color since most people do not like seeing exposed primer. And now for a quick recap:
  • The colors used are all the same as before, so keep your paint mixes for the bottoms of the hooves.
  • Begin by painting a solid medium to light shade basecoat.
  • Shade in the crevices (much easier on a 3D model than in Photoshop, ha!) and around the wall where it meets the sole.
  • Add in highlighting on the frog and other raised areas, and shade in some subtle striations around the frog.
  • When the hoof is completely shaded, use a very fine brush and a thinned medium-dark brown mix and squiggle in some small faint lines (make them less noticeable than in the video where the contrast is exaggerated)
  • Double check to make sure the outside of the hoof's shading matches with the bottom, and you are done!

Next week, I'll be covering special effects like dirt - stay tuned!


Jennifer Kistler said...

Mel, I think you need a bunch of "Thank You" comments for your tutorials on painting hooves!! So here's one from me. I've always felt I could have a better approach (with better results) to painting hooves, and now I have some great ideas and a horse ready to try it on right away. Thanks so much for sharing!

Mel Miller said...

Thanks Jennifer, and good luck! :-D