Friday, May 22, 2009

Tetawken Progressing

Yet again, another Friday Tip delay. Sorry guys! Tetawken is the culprit; the deadline is coming up fast and I am working on him pretty much non-stop (and going cross eyed to boot). The next hoof tip is about halfway done, so as soon as I get a break from Tetawken, I'll be able to finish it up pretty quickly. Until then, here is a little sneak peek at his progress. His current state is the first picture above; he still needs roaning touchups, legs, markings finished and final details. You can click on his pictures to embiggen!

In this stage, two layers of roaning - one white, one colored - were painted over a blocked in basecoat.

Here, several more layers of roaning have been added as well as some filling in on the markings.

Also, Amy Widman was kind enough to send in a photo of her Simply CM mini stock horse with his winnings. Congrats Amy!


Becky Turner said...

looking really good mel! tell us.. how do you do the roaning? are you dry brushing or? Im trying to find a new technique for how I do it.. so I want to see as many different ways as I can find. he is going to be really beautiful though!
Rebecca Turner

Mel Miller said...

Thanks Rebecca! On this guy, I am dry brushing in oils. I usually do not paint this way since it is complicated and requires huge blocks of time, whereas with pencil and other media I can set it aside whenever I want! But this was really the only way to get him done in time. I will try to figure out how to do a tip on this technique though! :-)

Erin said...

He is looking great Mel!

Mel Miller said...

Thanks Erin! I've gotta go do another marathon on him in a few minutes... Hopefully for the last time.