Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Neigh-Neigh!

Chinook turned 33 today! I took some celebratory pictures over the weekend, so this seems like a good time to post photos I have been saving up to show his color changes. He is a sooty buckskin, and every year he gets darker during the summer. His winter coat stays light except for his cute raccoon head which has also started getting darker over the last few years. The photos are all from this year, so you can see how much he changes in just a few months. Hopefully he will lighten a bit and get his lovely dapples before his winter coat comes in, but it didn't happen last year.

Yes, that grass in indeed taller than he is. He is small, but that grass is just humongous.

And yes, if there's grass to be found, even brown gross stuff, his head will be down eating it. I've pretty much given up trying to get pictures of him with his head up during the summer. I need a handler for photo days!

Doing his best Cheveyo impression!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Waterford up for Auction

Just listed is one of my favorite little horses. I have kept him back for a while, but it's time for him to move on to a new home.

This is Waterford, a large stablemate scale Hairy Dauntless sculpted by Donna Chaney of Animal Artistry. Waterford was one of my first powdered pigment and pencil pieces (done in 2005), but he remains one of my best dapple greys. Waterford has subtle hair texture all over which must be appreciated in person. Photographs cannot pick up the fine details in his coat or his mane and tail.

Waterford comes with 5 expired NAN cards, a NAN Top Ten, 2 Championships and 1 Reserve Championship. He has not been shown since his NAN outing, but he always did well for me. Now he is ready to go out and hit the show ring again for you!

For a complete gallery of large pictures including many detail shots, visit Waterford's gallery.

eBay auction link

NAN Vending Sneak Peek!

I will have a vending table at NAN this year, but as I'm occupied on Saturday and Sunday, my table will be open on Friday only! The following horses are what I'm feverishly working on. I have colors picked out for most of them, but if there's something you'd like to see on any of them let me know and I may change my plans.

I'll also have unpainted resins, my new Fjord medallion, and there are some other finished and half painted items in almost every scale I've not taken pictures of yet. I may or may not get photos of all of the horses up before NAN, so make sure to stop by the table to see all the fun stuff I'll have!

Idocus with new mane, tail and ears, bay frame

Animal Artistry rearing arabian with new base (will have grasses and flowers), bay sabino

G3 drafter with new neck, mane, tail, stallion parts and shoes, dark chestnut

G1 stock horse with new mane, tail, ears and gelding parts, sooty buckskin

G3 warmblood with resculpted barrel and topline, new neck, mane, tail and mare parts, color undecided, maybe chestnut or grey

G2 thoroughbred with new neck, mane, tail and gelding parts, appaloosa, not sure on base color, but possibly buckskin

G1 Swaps with new braided mane and tail, and gelding parts, seal brown, possibly tobiano?

G2 drafter on a base with new mane, tail and feathers, black tobiano sabino

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Tip

The last of the hoof painting tutorials is finally done! Today's Friday Tip covers painting shoes, nail clinches and dirt effects. To recap the video:
  • Completely paint the hoof (unless it will be blackened, in which case, only the heels and soles need to be done) before proceeding.
  • Paint the shoe in as many thin layers as it takes to get the color opaque. I like to use a mixture of metallic silver and my generic dark hoof mix to darken and tone down the metallic.
  • Use a darker wash to paint over the shoe (don't forget the bottom!) and wipe off the excess to instantly shade in all the crevices.
  • To really make the nail detail pop, you can shade in the holes where he clinches will come out of the hoof with a darker version of the hoof color. Paint the clinches on top when done. The nails are placed on the side of the hoof towards the front. Usually only first three are used though there are slots for four nails.
  • Use a spray sealant to protect your work. Do NOT paint sealer over the top, or the paint will melt away. :-(
  • If the model is meant as a fully groomed show horse research breed rules and grooming fads to determine whether the hoof needs clear gloss or oil, hoof black only on dark hooves or stripes, or all hooves black.
  • The hoof can be done at this point, or dirt or dust can be added. I like to use powdered pigment and scrub it on with a rough, stiff brush, but acrylic works as well. Use light pigment for sandy dust, and darker brown pigment for a dirt look. Don't forget to add the dirt or dust to the bottom on the hoof as well!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tetawken Finished!

I'm assuming I'm going to be at the Car Doctor's all day today (wish me luck!), so no Friday Tip. But the good news is Tetawken is done! Sarah Rose graciously donated one of her lovely Caldero resins, and I have customized his mane and tail and painted him in a roany chestnut frame sabino. You can see his full gallery here.

As a nod to the show's Portland location this year, Tetawken has been created as a Cayuse mustang. He has a notch in his ear - a scar from battle with the Snake or a scuffle in the herd? Either way, he has stories to tell. Tetawken's name means "we, the people" and is the tribal name for the Native Americans we know as the Cayuse. The Cayuse frequently visited with other tribes, especially the Nez Perce, and were amabassadors to the east, trekking yearly over the Rocky Mountains to hunt buffalo. What better breed to welcome everyone to the Pacific Northwest?

Proxy Bidding Information:

For interested parties who cannot attend the NAN Auction in person, NAMHSA is pleased to offer proxy bidding for the NAN Auction lots. Every year a substantial number of pieces are sold to proxy bidders! Proxy bids will be accepted by the Auction Coordinator beginning on Saturday, June 6, 2009. Proxy bidding will conclude on Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 10PM Eastern (7PM Pacific).

Auction lots and descriptions can be viewed at the 2009 NAN Auction Page. There are some major updates which will be taking place at this site in the next few days so please check back frequently:

To place a proxy bid, please submit the following information to Barb Ness, the 2009 Auction Coordinator at :

- Name of the Artist/Auction Lot you wish to place a bid on

- Amount of your bid in whole US dollars

- Your full name

- Your e-mail address

- Your full snail mail address

- Your telephone number

- Your eBay ID

All starting bid amounts and proxy bid updates will be posted on Model Horse Sales Pages. On June 6th, a link will be provided which leads to all of the MH$P ads for the NAN Auction lots. Outbid notices will be provided to engaged bidders by the Auction Coordinator throughout the proxy period.

The winning proxy bidder for each auction lot will be represented by NAMHSA's official proxy bidder at the live NAN Auction on Saturday, June 27th. Auction lots will not be sold for less than the winning proxy bid. Therefore, if a bidder at the live Auction does not match or top the winning proxy bid, the highest proxy bid will be considered the final sale amount. If you have questions about this or any other information regarding the auction, please contact the Auction Coordinator.