Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Tip

The last of the hoof painting tutorials is finally done! Today's Friday Tip covers painting shoes, nail clinches and dirt effects. To recap the video:
  • Completely paint the hoof (unless it will be blackened, in which case, only the heels and soles need to be done) before proceeding.
  • Paint the shoe in as many thin layers as it takes to get the color opaque. I like to use a mixture of metallic silver and my generic dark hoof mix to darken and tone down the metallic.
  • Use a darker wash to paint over the shoe (don't forget the bottom!) and wipe off the excess to instantly shade in all the crevices.
  • To really make the nail detail pop, you can shade in the holes where he clinches will come out of the hoof with a darker version of the hoof color. Paint the clinches on top when done. The nails are placed on the side of the hoof towards the front. Usually only first three are used though there are slots for four nails.
  • Use a spray sealant to protect your work. Do NOT paint sealer over the top, or the paint will melt away. :-(
  • If the model is meant as a fully groomed show horse research breed rules and grooming fads to determine whether the hoof needs clear gloss or oil, hoof black only on dark hooves or stripes, or all hooves black.
  • The hoof can be done at this point, or dirt or dust can be added. I like to use powdered pigment and scrub it on with a rough, stiff brush, but acrylic works as well. Use light pigment for sandy dust, and darker brown pigment for a dirt look. Don't forget to add the dirt or dust to the bottom on the hoof as well!


brambleclaw23 said...

wat do u use to paint the hoof?? like air brush or what?

Mel Miller said...

I use acrylics and tiny paintbrushes. There are some posts about the brushes I use that you can search for in the blog. I also have some customizing basics articles on my website here:

Anonymous said...

I think I might have claimed this one Mel - maybe - lol


Mel Miller said...

That was fast Sharon! He's yours! I'll be sending an email in a minute... :-D