Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Neigh-Neigh!

Chinook turned 33 today! I took some celebratory pictures over the weekend, so this seems like a good time to post photos I have been saving up to show his color changes. He is a sooty buckskin, and every year he gets darker during the summer. His winter coat stays light except for his cute raccoon head which has also started getting darker over the last few years. The photos are all from this year, so you can see how much he changes in just a few months. Hopefully he will lighten a bit and get his lovely dapples before his winter coat comes in, but it didn't happen last year.

Yes, that grass in indeed taller than he is. He is small, but that grass is just humongous.

And yes, if there's grass to be found, even brown gross stuff, his head will be down eating it. I've pretty much given up trying to get pictures of him with his head up during the summer. I need a handler for photo days!

Doing his best Cheveyo impression!


Kirsten Wellman said...

Yay! Happy B-day, Chinny! He looks terrific, Mel! <3

Mel Miller said...

Thanks Kirsten! :-D

Heather said...

Geez, he looks excellent for his age, kudos for taking such good care of him.
Thirty-three, WOW! Love the pics, even if he is munching away!
~Heather W
Yucaipa, CA