Saturday, June 13, 2009

NAN Vending Sneak Peek!

I will have a vending table at NAN this year, but as I'm occupied on Saturday and Sunday, my table will be open on Friday only! The following horses are what I'm feverishly working on. I have colors picked out for most of them, but if there's something you'd like to see on any of them let me know and I may change my plans.

I'll also have unpainted resins, my new Fjord medallion, and there are some other finished and half painted items in almost every scale I've not taken pictures of yet. I may or may not get photos of all of the horses up before NAN, so make sure to stop by the table to see all the fun stuff I'll have!

Idocus with new mane, tail and ears, bay frame

Animal Artistry rearing arabian with new base (will have grasses and flowers), bay sabino

G3 drafter with new neck, mane, tail, stallion parts and shoes, dark chestnut

G1 stock horse with new mane, tail, ears and gelding parts, sooty buckskin

G3 warmblood with resculpted barrel and topline, new neck, mane, tail and mare parts, color undecided, maybe chestnut or grey

G2 thoroughbred with new neck, mane, tail and gelding parts, appaloosa, not sure on base color, but possibly buckskin

G1 Swaps with new braided mane and tail, and gelding parts, seal brown, possibly tobiano?

G2 drafter on a base with new mane, tail and feathers, black tobiano sabino


Erin said...

OMG Mel, you ARE going to make me broke before Breyerfest! That is, if I can hoof it to your table early enough on Friday!

Mel Miller said...

LOL! Back from whence they came, eh?

Erin said...

LOL, I totally didn't even think that these are some of the same ones I sent off with you! So - YES! Back, only much better. :-p

Tracy Eilers said...

So freakin' awesome! I love the transformation of these guys! A few tweaks, skillfully done, really make such a difference! Can't wait to see them painted up! =cD