Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tetawken Finished!

I'm assuming I'm going to be at the Car Doctor's all day today (wish me luck!), so no Friday Tip. But the good news is Tetawken is done! Sarah Rose graciously donated one of her lovely Caldero resins, and I have customized his mane and tail and painted him in a roany chestnut frame sabino. You can see his full gallery here.

As a nod to the show's Portland location this year, Tetawken has been created as a Cayuse mustang. He has a notch in his ear - a scar from battle with the Snake or a scuffle in the herd? Either way, he has stories to tell. Tetawken's name means "we, the people" and is the tribal name for the Native Americans we know as the Cayuse. The Cayuse frequently visited with other tribes, especially the Nez Perce, and were amabassadors to the east, trekking yearly over the Rocky Mountains to hunt buffalo. What better breed to welcome everyone to the Pacific Northwest?

Proxy Bidding Information:

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Auction lots and descriptions can be viewed at the 2009 NAN Auction Page. There are some major updates which will be taking place at this site in the next few days so please check back frequently:

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Xoie said...

He is absolutely Gorgeous! Oh How I wish he was mine!

brambleclaw23 said...

he is absolutely breathtakeing!!!

Mel Miller said...

Thanks guys! :-D