Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday Tip

I'm not quite far enough along to show the next stage in dappling, so be looking for that next week. This week I'm going to share some of my favorite horse photography books to help build your reference collection! There are lots of coffee table type books out now so in addition to this list, visit your favorite bookstore and browse through what they have. Lots look more promising than they are, so it is wise to preview before you buy. Don't forget used book stores - sometimes they get the overstock of new books, and they may have older books that have unique photographs you won't see reproduced today. If you're in the market to buy now, using these links gives me a couple bucks and doesn't cost you any more! And now, on to the list:

"Arabians: The Classic Arabian Horse", by Rik van Lent, Sr. and Jr.
(I have the hardcover; I don't know if it differs from this paperback.)

"Arabians From the Camera of Johnny Johnston", by Johnny Johnston

"Conquerors", by Deb Bennett
(Black and white photos, but still a valuable reference.)

"Equine Color Genetics", by D. Phillip Sponenberg

"Fascination Horse", by Gabriele Boiselle

"Horses", by Valeria Manferto De Fabianis

"Horses", by Gabriele Boiselle

"Horses", by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

"Horses of the Camargue", by Hans Silvester

"If I Had a Horse: How Different Life Would Be" by Melissa Sovey-Nelson
(Comes with a DVD which has some good moments for watching movement.)

"Man and Horse: An Enduring Bond", by Fulvio Cinquini

"Marwari", by Francesca Kelly
(Sorry it's so expensive, but it is a real visual treat if you are interested in this breed.)

Edit: This book is listed on Frencesca Kelly's website for $77! (Thanks Beatha!)

"The Western Horse: A Photographic Anthology", by David R. Stoecklein
(The color reference is great, but ignore all the Ben Green quotes. Check out Sponenberg for more accurate and current color information.)

Also check out magazines, especially those from the breed registries you have a particular interest in. Two excellent magazines for general reference are:

Horse Illustrated
(The information provided in this magazine is quite basic, but the photography is excellent and covers many breeds, colors and disciplines.)

(Not as much variety and imagery as Horse Illustrated, but often has great detail pictures.)


Sarah Rose said...

Don't forget calendars, those are a great source for larger pictures, and I don't feel bad cutting them up, unlike you Mel :)

Mel Miller said...

Oh yeah! I love grabbing calendars when they go on sale after the New Year. I have to admit, I tear into books with glee. At least most of the books in this post have made it onto the shelves intact!