Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Tip

I'm not quite to a place where I can do more filming on the dapple grey Salinero, so this week we have a couple before and after pictures for closer inspection. Both are clickable to see large versions. The above photo is his current state (though a bit unsharp so some of the detail is lost), and the photo below is a before picture of the first dappling layer. Let's compare the two!

1) Notice that the dapples on the left side are smaller than those on the right. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed as the dapples are worked on in the next stage. It's always nice when the initial roadmap of dapples is perfect, but that seldom happens. ;-)
2) The before picture also shows some sloppy dapples (especially on the hindquarters when I started getting really tired) and roany "hairs" that are too large. More layers like those shown in the latest video will tone those down and improve the dapple shape and placement.
3) The before stage is too even and many of the dapples allow paint underneath to show through. Allowing paint to show through layers is a good blending technique in some instances, but more of the dapples need to be filled in.

In the after picture, things are moving more in the direction of randomness and subtlety. But it doesn't end there! Things that still need touching up in the after photo: toning some of the dapples back down, making the dark to light transitions better, and adding more hair texture.


Carol H. said...

He's looking great, Mel!

Mel Miller said...

Thanks Carol! He's getting there. :-D