Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Tip

Apologies for my absence, but Vistoso put my back out of commission for quite a while. It's feeling much better now, but I still don't quite have the mane painting video done. In the meantime, here is a tip that is really helpful for pieces that take a long time (ahem) to paint.

After a while, the paint will start drying on the palette, even when it is folded over. When it starts getting goopy around the edges, that gross stuff can sometimes get into the paint that is actually going on the model. This is not good! When goop happens, scrape as much good paint off of the palette as possible and put it on a new one. More blending medium or a drying retarder (like linseed oil) can be added if desired. In Vistoso's case, I actually put a tiny bit more drier in since the paint was taking several days to dry thoroughly.

Another related tip, always keep your paint until the horse is sprayed and photographed. You never know what you might notice while editing photos, and the repeated handling while finishing markings can damage paint. As long as the original mix is kept, the paint can be matched perfectly for touchups!

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