Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update on Traveller

Since the last blog post I was able to get some new pictures of Traveller. These were taken on Wednesday, 12 days after his arrival. He is starting to fill out a bit and happily trots into his stall every day at feeding time.

The closeup of his withers sort of shows the sunken in area on either side of his spine, but the saddle sore is healing nicely. The sores on his side have healed over as well, and his hair is growing back in some places now.

After pictures, we went out for a quick walk to the best grass spot and filled up on yums!


Aldreahart said...

Poor old guy,I found my first horse half starved in a field. I can understand how people can let they're animals get into this condition, especilly a leased horse. I'm glad he's filling out and coming around.

Mel Miller said...

Yes, and he had been taken care of reasonably well by these people in the past too, so there was no reason to think he would get like this!

Laura said...

My first horse was off a meat truck and riddled with lice. you can see that Traveller is a stead fast fellow and I am looking forward to his updates.

Nasty whithers... he must have been ridden by everyone!