Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday Tip and Treasure Hunt!

Happy Holidays! Today's Friday Tip is a quick one so I can get back to the family and eating festivities. But like small packages containing some of the best presents, hopefully you'll find this short tip to be very sweet.

When casting it always seems like there is a bit of resin leftover. Oftentimes, it's enough to entirely fill a small medallion or two. So, every time you pour a larger mold always prep some small molds and have them ready to receive the extra resin. No waste, and more resins - it's a win-win! And don't worry if a mold doesn't get filled up all the way. More can be poured on top and it will adhere as though it were all poured at once.

And one last thing for now - it's time to kick off the treasure hunt giveaways! Starting today and randomly throughout the week I will be putting this snowman into posts:

If you find a snowman, be the first to post and claim the prize! Be sure to include an email address in your comment so that I can contact you. That's it! You don't pay anything - no shipping - just find the snowman. Prizes are limited to one per person. Be the first to claim him and take your pick of one of these Bill medallion necklaces. Each is painted in acrylic and pearl-ex metallic powder and mounted on a sterling silver bail and chain and can either be worn or used as a decoration.

Good luck, and may the new year bring happiness, good health and prosperity to everyone!

Faux patina copper with matte sealer. There is a bit more copper peeking through in the highlights than what is shown in pictures.

Faux pewter with gloss sealer. Metallic shine and black shadings to make the sculpture pop.

Stippled and glazed orange and red tones with satin gloss.

Stippled and glazed blues with satin gloss.

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Laura Dotson-Thomson said...

Oooo, fun! Does this snow many count? hehehe. I'll have to reread some of your helpful tips!