Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Tip

One of the most difficult parts of finishing an oil clay sculpture is achieving a smooth finish (if that's what you're after). One trick to help with that process is Goo Gone. Squirt some in a dish, and using a soft brush paint the Goo Gone onto the clay. Don't go overboard because the Goo Gone will start to melt your sculpture away! If you don't have enough applied, you can always add more. Use larger brushes for the body and small brushes for finessing the details around intricate areas like the eyes. With practice you will get a feel for how hard to push for the firmness of clay you are using. If you want an ultra-smooth finish, you'll still have to make a waste mold and sand a master resin copy, but using this tip you'll have a lot less sanding to do!

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