Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chinook and Traveller Update

I had a Friday Tip all ready to go yesterday, but Chinny had a bit of a health scare. Needless to say, my mind wasn't on things like posting to the blog! He was ataxic, which means his limbs were uncoordinated, and he nearly fell down several times while trying to walk or just scratch his side. It is most likely that he suffered a stroke or had an incident involving his enlarged pituitary gland caused by his Cushing's disease. Either way, it was quite a scary situation, but he seems to be happy and fine for now.

In better news, Traveller has been spending the winter getting nice and fattened up and is doing great. Check out the old blog posts here and here and compare to what he looks like now:

He's starting up with some training now. He alternates between trying very hard to please and being a complete bugger, but he is improving quickly. The real trick will be getting his muscles in shape without him getting bored!


Carol H. said...

Poor Chinook! I'm so sorry about his health problems :-( It's so hard when a loved animal is sick...

Aldreahart said...

i hope chinook starts feeling better, I'm going through similar things with my 35yr old. Its heart breaking to have to deal with the problems old guys get.