Friday, May 21, 2010

In Progress

Loads of updates as I continue on in my quest to get all of my oil work done in time for Tracy Eilers' visit! I plan to be working on markings while she is here and it looks like I'm going to have a doozy of a lineup. These browns are all ready for their markings, as is the Newsworthy (jumping pony) and G4 drafter below. The rest are all still in various stages of oil work.

These flaxen chestnuts are nearly done. Now that their shading is in, it is time to go back over them with a thin layer or two of the main coat color to even things out and improve the color. The manes and tails also need to be done in oils for this color.

The medium red chestnuts minis also just need that little extra top coat oomph! The Indy custom isn't quite there yet, and since she's a portrait, I may need to alter her color a little.

The drafter is ready for markings! That was easy. :-D The mini still needs a couple coats, and there hasn't been any more progress on Stormy. I'll get his last coat done when I do the last coat on the stock horse mini.

I think it's funny that I somehow managed to put buckskin on two of the three jumping horses that are going right now. The Wee Jay will be appy though. He and the Friesian custom need a couple more coats before they are ready for markings. Buckskin is so hard to paint!

These guys need a lot more work and have kind of been shelved while I do work on the others. I still think they'll be done in time though! They'll be really dark palominos.

And last but not least are these bays! The Swaps needs more detail work on the dapples, and they all need at least one more coat of oils. Once in a while I sketch the pattern in before I finish my oil painting, which is what's going on with the fellow in back. And that's it! (As if that weren't enough!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Progress

Lots of work getting done here! It always amazes me how long it takes to get things prepped. Finally last night I was able to slap on some base coats after over a week of prepping. My overly ambitious plan is to have all of those you see (except the Dese, Valor and Flitwick over on the far left) ready for markings by the time my buddy Tracy gets up here in a couple of weeks for a pony painting marathon weekend. Wish me luck! (Ok, and maybe not the heavily dappled horses over on the right either...)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Progress

I have been a prepping machine this week! The really fun part of deciding on colors is next. For simple CM sales pieces, I usually set out my customer orders and then pair a mini or two with each of those and work on them in batches. It's a great way to use up the extra paint and get a little more accomplished!

This Stormy is a custom order. He's just gearing up for all those leg, mane and tail details that are really going to make him sing. There's still one more coat of oils to go before all that fun stuff, but he'll be finished before you know it!