Thursday, July 1, 2010

In Progress

Progress is being made slowly but surely on these two custom orders. They're both at fairly intensive work stages, with Stormy being near completion and Salinero almost halfway there.

Stormy got more guard hairs since his last post and is now looking more like the finished product. He's looking so Cruella DeVille with those bold streaks in his mane pre-blending!

Salinero has all of his dapples mapped in, and will get them set in with lots of hair texturing next.


Lesli Kathman said...

Some of us can relate to Stormy! I just wish someone could blend away my Dalmation-stealing look! :P

Mel Miller said...

Heh, I dunno Lesli, I think I'm in the "that's pretty cool, you should keep it!" camp.