Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jennifer Buxton Checking In!

Hello everyone! Despite best intentions, life has a way of making things difficult sometimes. As some of you already know, since the last post I've been spending a lot of time driving my mom to the hospital every day. I haven't even had a chance to pick up a paint brush let alone blog about progress. I expect to be back to work by the end of January though, so hopefully there will be beautiful new horses to report soon!

So instead of a brand spankin' new post, here is a post that made my day when Jennifer Buxton originally posted it to her blog here. And if it inspires you to try performance with a Jasmine resin, keep in mind that she is on sale until Monday! And now without any further ado:

RMR performance

As it turned out, Teresa and I were the only people showing performance at the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous live show. This might lead you to believe that we enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the classlist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, this became an exercise in speed tacking. There were seventeen classes in the division and I competed in all but one of them. In twelve of those classes, I showed two models. Somehow, we managed to finish the division before lunch time. It was tack one, tack the other, put both on the table, take them off the table and start all over. I barely had time to breathe let alone think!

Harness was first and White Trash Girl was the only entrant. Not surprisingly, she won the blue!

I skipped the Arabian/Native American Costume class so Parade was next. I really liked the way Trashy's Street Parade entry turned out...

but judge Sandy Lyles liked Emma's costume just a bit better.

Trashy earned another second place with this Other Performance entry.

Emma won the Other Performance class with her Endurance entry.

Two blues were good enough to earn Emma the title of Other Performance Reserve Champion.

Trashy won the Scene class with this school horse set-up and went on to be named Other Performance Champion.

The first class in the English Performance division was Eventing/Racing/Steeplechase. Trashy's start box entry looked great and won first place.

Poor Emma was plagued with boot issues. The show hall was cold and nothing wanted to stick. Bits fell out of mouths, reins fell out of hands and the closures on Emma's boots wouldn't stay closed. Oh well. Live and learn. Next year I will bring only buckle boots to RMR.

The next class was Hunter/Jumper, and once again Trashy claimed the top spot.

Emma was third out of three, but don't feel sorry for her.

She came back strong to win three of the next four classes including the Other English...

and English Trail.

The division ended with Dressage. Trashy's Intro Level test was third...

And Emma was the class winner.

Trashy and her ribbons on the callback table. It's a pretty nice haul, but not quite nice enough!

Teresa's iApp was the English Reserve Champion...

and Emma was the English Champion.

I was really tired by the time the Western division rolled around, and I all but stopped taking pictures. You can see both my trail entries here. I'm not positive, but I think Emma's pole entry placed second and Trashy's cowboy curtain was third.

Trashy tried, but it just wasn't her day as far as Western performance goes. Fortunately, that one red ribbon was all she needed. She's now qualified to show in all three performance divisions at NAN 2011.

Emma, on the other hand, is a performance machine. This mold looks great under saddle and is so easy to set up in a variety of events. If you're looking for an all around performance contender, you can't go wrong with a Jasmine resin. Emma won another rosette in the Western division and was named Overall Performance Champion.

Although I look a bit dazed and confused in the picture, I was really happy to win a glossy trophy model.

Stay tuned for still more RMR photos!

Thanks Jennifer! If you don't follow Jennifer's blog, I highly recommend it for great photos, tips, and general awesomeness.
And in a recent follow up post Emma made a reappearance, and this time with all of her stash: